Snuff for Swedes


Kellpo has made their contribution to Swedes being able to have their snuff in fine and functional packaging. Through a Danish turnkey supplier, we have delivered an 8-cavity tool to a Swedish manufacturer of snuff tins.

The Swedish manufacturer, who has 7 production lines with 4-cavity tools, wants to improve their production and achieve a higher output. In other words, increase capacity and this is where we come into the picture.

Kellpo has developed and delivered an 8-cavity tool that enables a doubling of the manufacturer’s output. The tool, which was produced in just 16 weeks, has a cycle time of only 5.5 seconds.

We have placed importance in the design of the tool that it can be used on the manufacturer’s existing machines, as well as on the new line. We have also ensured that the customer has a flexible solution in relation to maintenance and easy replacement of the inserts if it should become necessary.

Kellpo has handled the entire process from advice on the workpiece design and development of the tool design to the manufacture of the tool and conducting in-house tests thereof, just as we have also assisted with the running-in of the new tool in the new production setup.

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