Flexible production? And the rest!


‘Flexibility’ is a buzzword that all companies would probably like to be associated with. However, not all companies can put their words into action. But at Kellpo, when we say that we are flexible, we mean it and then there is something to support our claim. We have just got a new customer in Latvia, who can certainly confirm the statement:

On Friday 11 August, we received an order from a major dairy group in Latvia. The order was for 150,000 items, and even though it was a container that we have experience with and have the moulds ready for it, it was still a major process we had to initiate, as there were no labels or layout for it.

Typically, the production time on such an order would be approximately 9 weeks. It takes about 3 weeks to get the labels approved, up to 4 weeks to get them set up and printed, and then production time for the containers is around 14 days.

Nevertheless, we were ready to send the first shipment set off already on Wednesday 27 September – under 7 weeks from when the order was placed! We can do that because we have a highly flexible and efficient production with competent staff, who are quick to adapt and good to plan and take informed decisions. In short: We have 100% control of our Project Management and have the will to run that extra mile when there is a need for it.

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