BRC certification is in the bag


At Kellpo, we have complete control of food safety in relation to plastic packaging. We know this and so do our customers. Nonetheless, throughout the last year or so we have been working determinedly to be BRC certified, so that we can present visible proof that Kellpo complies with the highest quality and safety standards.

BRC is a recognised global food safety standard, which makes it transparent and simple to choose a reliable supplier. A standard that gives customers peace of mind that the supplier has complete control of food safety. BRC certified suppliers are working continuously to remove any risk associated with food safety, and there is a risk analysis at all stages of production.

In principle, we can easily produce our packaging without being certified, but for us, it is essential that our customers experience it as both straightforward and safe to deal with us, and here the certification makes a difference. A BRC certification is not only a quality stamp and a seal of approval of our processes, it is also the customers’ guarantee that we always deliver an extremely high standard of quality and safety.

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