Kellpo embraces the green transition

Through cooperation with Modstrøm, Kellpo, starting from the first quarter of 2020, acquires DanskVind certified green power from Danish wind turbines.
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Movies about Kellpo A/S

Kellpo has produced a series of new films: Presentation Video, Video on Packaging Production, Toolmaking and Moulding! Watch here.
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Kellpo A/S strengthens the team

In recent years, Kellpo has experienced rapid development, where our “youngest” business area, packaging production, has generated particularly incredible rates of growth. The potential for growth remains huge, and this excellent development looks set to continue. Therefore, we are now strengthen...
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Kellpo A/S and Ernæringsenheden Vest are awarded 500.000 kr.

Every day more than 100.000 meals are prepared in Danish hospital kitchens. Together with Ernæringsenheden Vest we are awarded with half a million Danish kroner to explore how we can recycle the plastic from these meals in a closed circular system. This will potentially save resources and protect...
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BRC certification is in the bag

At Kellpo, we have complete control of food safety in relation to plastic packaging. We know this and so do our customers. Nonetheless, throughout the last year or so we have been working determinedly to be BRC certified, so that we can present visible proof that Kellpo complies with the highest...
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Snuff for Swedes

Kellpo has made their contribution to Swedes being able to have their snuff in fine and functional packaging. Through a Danish turnkey supplier, we have delivered an 8-cavity tool to a Swedish manufacturer of snuff tins.
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Flexible production? And the rest!

‘Flexibility’ is a buzzword that all companies would probably like to be associated with. However, not all companies can put their words into action. But at Kellpo, when we say that we are flexible, we mean it and then there is something to support our claim. We have just got a new customer in La...
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