Kellpo A/S

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Poul Pedersen

+45 40 17 26 11

Kim Thorup

Production Manager
+45 20 51 34 05


Kellpo manufactures and machines all types of workpieces from mechanical parts and moulding parts to models and prototypes. What we can measure, we can make!

We are particularly strong on high precision mechanical solutions. We design all workpieces optimally in relation to their use, and we ensure that all dimensions and tolerances are accurate down to the smallest detail. The range is wide when it comes to workpiece sizes, because our comprehensive and up-to-date machinery means that we can handle the entire range from workpieces weighing just a few grammes to several tonnes.

Our experienced design engineers are ready to carefully guide our customers through the entire process from concept to design and the manufacture of the desired workpieces. The whole process takes place in close collaboration with the customer, which helps to ensure effective and durable solutions.

Our skilled installation team is always ready to assist with the installation of the finished solution, maintenance and replacement of precision-mechanical components, as well as professional assistance with the partial or complete assembly of components and mechanical parts.

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